The Lofts at Franklin Square – Syracuse, New York

The Lofts of Franklin Square formerly the O.M. Edwards Company Factory is located in the original heart of the industrial area of Syracuse, New York. The manufacturing operations ceased in 1987, consequently the building was severely deteriorated in 2002 when renovations began. Franklin Properties, LLC which includes MacKnight Architects was formed to finance, renovate and manage the building. The building is on the National Historic Register and was renovated in conformance with NPS Historic Guidelines to qualify for historic tax credits. The project includes 90 apartments and 40,000 square feet of mixed use office and commercial space. It serves as the major anchor for Syracuse’s newest live and work neighborhood . The character of the building was preserved on the exterior and interior by integrating existing machinery and building components into the architecture. The aesthetics  of the apartments, offices and commercial spaces exhibit a unique blend of the industrial past and contemporary living.

Developer/Owner: Franklin Properties, LLC

Budget: $14,000,000

Floor Area: 145,000 square feet

Completion Date: 2006